Offers the ultimate in brilliant tyansparency for vision glass with PPG technology.


1, Visible light transmittance up to 91%
2, High safety, toughened glass of the explosive rate close to zero
3, Excellent color rendering performance, give the glass curtain wall crystal beauty
The beauty of the crystal 5, luxury decoration, process characteristics
Specification range:Minimum size: 800 ×1400 mm Maximum size: 3300 x 3600 mm
Thickness Range:3-19 mm
Different jumbo sizes are available according to customer request.


ultra-white conductive film substrate glass of solar thin film cell, interior and exterior decorations (partitions, doors, windows, curtain walls, stairs, high-grade silver mirror, etc) of advanced buildings, display cabinets, appliances, lighting, mosaic products, glass furniture and sanitary series.

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